Ants, impostorism and a few more updates

It’s been a while since my last update, although this time I have a better reason than usual for being so busy-my wife and I were blessed with a lovely baby girl a few months ago! Between frantically trying to finish up assignments before she was born, and then being busy/sleep-deprived taking care of a newborn, I haven’t had much of a […Read More]

When it rains, it pours: my article about the monsoons and floods in India

Indian floods

Indian floods

This article on flooding in India and Pakistan has been a long time coming. I did the bulk of the reporting last year right after the devastating September 2014 floods in Kashmir, only for the article to get delayed until now.

Floods occur every year in South Asia, causing widespread damage and loss of life. […Read More]

A science story from The Hindu that I sent in to the Science Journalism Tracker

The Hindu, the venerable Indian newspaper that I grew up reading (and that first introduced me to science journalism), still continues to publish plenty of science stories both online and in print. I found out about one of their recent stories on turning “light into matter” not from the story itself (which was quite confusing) but due to a response from The Hindu’s Reader’s Editor.

In his post, the Reader’s Editor A.S. Panneerselvan (whose name is misspelled in the post itself…) mentioned a bad example used in the science story and went on to […Read More]

Curious Bends: a curated weekly list of India-related science and technology

Related to Indian science news, a couple of Indian science journalists (Akshat Rathi and Vasudevan Mukunth) have started Curious Bends, a weekly curated list of stories about India-related science and technology. They’ve been doing a great job so far, and I highly recommend you sign up here if you’re at all interested.

I’ve enjoyed Akshat Rathi’s stories at places like Ars Technica, and I applaud their attempt to “set the information balance right”, in his own words.

As an aside, I sent in my fig wasp […Read More]

Getting into science writing: a BioCareers blog post

I had the opportunity to write a blog post about how to get into science writing for BioCareers, a site that seems to have lots of useful information about various career/job options for grad students and post-docs. I added my 2 cents about careers in science writing.

I tried to emphasize how broad a field science communication is, with many different kinds of opportunities. I also mentioned how competitive a field it can be, as I remember how being in academia sometimes makes you forget that other fields are not necessarily easier to get […Read More]

Lots of snow, no AAAS for me

Snowy DC

Snowy DC

I didn’t get to attend the AAAS conference after all…DC was hit by a snowstorm, and my flight was cancelled.

On the plus side, it’s the first time I’ve seen this much snow in DC, having missed the last winter where there was this much snow. So everything does look different, and pretty. And from […Read More]

A new adventure: Freelancing


After two years at PNAS, I’ve left to become a freelance science writer/journalist. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and for a number of reasons this seemed like a good time to transition into freelancing.

Unfortunately, unlike the videogame, there’s a distinct lack of flying through space while trading supplies and fighting off other spaceships…On the plus side, it feels great to be […Read More]

Smithsonian video game exhibition


Saw my name scrolling on the wall, thanks to my contribution to the Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, which I went to see yesterday. (I think I paid $10 in an online campaign a year ago).

The exhibition was interesting, although it was more like a quick walk through the history of video games. Quite nostalgia-inducing, and interesting to see some old consoles and games that I’d only ever heard about.

The interactive section was pretty small, and I’d already played all the games […Read More]