Science is hard, boring, and filled with failure

Or so say these links…

Now that I’m working with people in the publishing industry, which everyone seems to think is dying, I’ve met more people who assume that academic careers are more straightforward. I think only scientists appreciate how hard science can be…the results can be great, and very satisfying, but getting them can be a long, hard, slog.

While research had its moments, I never enjoyed doing it the way I enjoy writing. But I think in some ways they’re similar, in that they can both be hard fields that require a lot of effort to get established […Read More]

1950s Video of Immune System in Action

Great video of a Neutrophil cell, a type of immune cell, relentlessly chasing down a bacterium while pushing aside red blood cells. I found it fascinating to see our immune system in action.

The video was apparently taken from a 16-mm movie made in the 1950s by the late David Rogers at Vanderbilt University.

Epigenetics, DNA: How You Can Change Your Genes, Destiny – TIME

Time cover story on epigenetics

Epigenetics, DNA: How You Can Change Your Genes, Destiny – TIME.

The January 18 issue of Time magazine had a nice cover story on Epigenetics – or how the way we live can actually change our DNA in ways that get passed on to our kids. Follow the link above to the web version of the […Read More]

Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition 2009

Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition | Image Gallery – 2009.

2009 1st prize winner, a microscope image of a water flea

Since I like pretty scientific pictures, I’m posting a link to this Olympus Imaging competition from late 2009. I recently discovered it, and the site has a lot of great images from this year’s competition as well as from the past few years.