Back to work: Of bats and bumblebees

Bumblebee on a flower. Credit: Christian Bauer

Bumblebee on a flower. Credit: Christian Bauer

Well, I had a nice, relaxing, vacation in India. It was great to see friends and family after a long while, and enjoy the good food and warm weather. Now I’m back, well refreshed, and it’s time to get back […Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving! and my 100th post!

The Neverending Beauty of the War Between Sun and Earth.

Aurora Borealis timelapse HD – Tromsø 2010 from Tor Even Mathisen on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a gorgeous HD video of the Northern Lights in Norway to enjoy. Definitely watch it in full-screen mode.

[Via Gizmodo]

And just to keep the turkey day theme going, here’s one of my classmate’s article on The science behind turkey magic in the Monterey County Herald.

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly my favorite American holiday, which is funny since I didn’t really […Read More]

Nature News published my story about a new underwater robot

The Tethys underwater robot <i>Todd Walsh/MBARI</i>

The Tethys underwater robot Credit: Todd Walsh/MBARI

Underwater robot can follow marine organisms over record distances: Nature News.

Nature News published my story today! Follow the link above to read it.

I’m obviously excited to publish a story in Nature, it’s been a dream of mine. And the fact that […Read More]

2009 Photo Contest Winners Gallery – National Wildlife Federation

2009 Photo Contest Winners Gallery – National Wildlife Federation.

2009 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions – National Wildlife Federation.

Just came across these photos of the winners and honorable mentions from the National Wildlife Federation‘s 2009 photo contest. See the links above for all the images, there’s 32 winners (across several categories) and 60 honorable mentions, and many of them are stunning. I found several of the honorable mentions in particularly to be quite spectacular.

Photo Gallery of Cool New Science Images

Small artery in Kidney Credit: Donald W. Pottle Schepens Eye Research Institute

As I’ve previously noted, I like cool, preferably scientific, images. I really enjoyed taking pretty microscope pictures as a graduate student, and I’ve been enjoying working on the Megapixels section of Popular Science and the Bull’s-Eye section of Science Illustrated, as well as for the various photo galleries I created […Read More]