Extinct porpoise had a pronounced underbite

Skimmer porpoise skull and jaws Credit: Rachel Racicot

Skimmer porpoise skull and jawsCredit: Rachel Racicot

I got to write about a fossilized porpoise that had a pronounced underbite, a feature that’s seemingly unique among mammals. Based on their study the researchers think the extinct California porpoise may have used its extended lower jaw to probe for prey on the ocean floor.

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Writing, coding, and time for a vacation

Fleshy comb on dinosaur fossil

Dinosaur fossil with fleshy comb

I finished my last freelance story for 2013, a NationalGeographic.com article about a dinosaur fossil with a fleshy comb like that of a rooster.

I also took a few lessons on CodeAcademy. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a quick primer on various programming languages, I find their lessons quite a bit of fun. I tried them sometime in early 2012, but the site didn’t have as […Read More]