XKCD on physicists…

Cartoon from xkcd

Several years ago, I had an Indian physicist tell me that “physicists don’t consider biology a real science,” so I couldn’t help but laugh at this cartoon. Of course, I know plenty of physicists who are perfectly willing to acknowledge the scientific value of biology, and some of them work on biophysics, applying physics to study […Read More]

Published a Wired article on slowing light

Was excited to publish my first article for Wired Science last week!

The article, which appeared on Wired.com, was about a new tiny chip that could slow light down at room temperature, thanks to some quantum physical effects. The article was fairly challenging to write, but thankfully the UC Santa Cruz researcher responsible, Holger Schmidt, was very helpful in making sure I got the science right. We actually got to go to his lab last November and see the experimental setup he used to slow light, which made the experiment a lot more tangible than reading about it […Read More]

Eric Heller’s Gallery of Quantum Art

Dendrite Credit: Eric J. Heller

Eric J. Heller Gallery

A gallery of images by Harvard physics and chemistry professor Eric J. Heller. According to his website, his digital abstract art is inspired by:

“a world we cannot directly see; the quantum realm of electrons, atoms, and molecules. The strange, often chaotic quantum domain yields forms, which I use as a medium, creating images which convey […Read More]

Your Guide to the Year in Science: 2010 | Popular Science

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Interview: NASA Scientist’s Plan to Extract Moon Water Affordably Using Microwaves | Popular Science

Dr. Ed Ethridge. I had a chat with Dr. Ed Ethridge, who’s been using microwaves to extract water from the moon. Now that there actually seems to be a lot more water on the moon than previously predicted, we need a way to get it out. Microwaves seem to be currently the most promising technology for this. Follow the link to the article at PopSci.com.

NASAs Messenger Flyby Captures Never-Before-Seen Images of Mercury | Popular Science

NASAs Messenger Flyby Captures Never-Before-Seen Images of Mercury | Popular Science.

A previously unseen portion of Mercury's surface <i>NASA</i>

Fascinating new pictures of Mercury taken by NASA’s Messenger spacecraft. Another little write-up for PopSci.com, follow the link above to read and see all the images.

Watch ‘Feynman’s lectures on physics’ for free online

Richard Feynman, nobel-prize winning physicist

Richard Feynman, nobel-prize winning physicist

In my experience, physics is one subject that’s so often poorly taught and seems incomprehensible. And yet, when it’s actually explained well, a lot of the concepts can be so easy to understand…even when the math behind them may be out of reach 🙂

Richard Feynman was probably one of the most […Read More]